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Pat Puzder
2012 Avon Women of Enterprise honoree
Senior Executive Unit Leader
President's Inner Circle

On left: Angelo Rossi, Group Vice President, North America Sales
On right: Jorge Martinez Quiroga, Senior Vice President & President, North America

I started my Avon Business ten years after taking early retirement. I was eager to earn my own money again, but anxious at the thought of going back to a traditional workplace. I researched direct-sales companies and discovered Avon. Thirteen years later, my business is still growing!

I finally achieved my goal of Senior Executive Unit Leader in C-19 2011. As an SEUL, I love being in the field, growing and leading my team, Unlimited, and I know that I can do much more.

I started selling Avon to make money without giving up my freedom, but I have gotten so much more. I've made lasting friends, I've traveled and through Sales Leadership I'm helping to empower women to reach for their dreams and improve their lives.

Pat's advice to other Representatives:
Brand yourself as "The Avon Representative."

Make sure everyone knows you have an Avon business. Incorporate Avon into your daily life. Make it a part of who you are. Become Avon!

Learn your products.
Take the online training. Don't fake it when you don't know something. Tell the Customer you will find the answer and get back to her.

Always do more than your Customer expects.
Great customer service will make you successful.

Talk to new people every day, everywhere you go, about Avon and continue to add to your Customer List.
If you develop a list of 200 names and work that list, you will not fail!

When you set a sales goal, tell your Customers. what you're working toward. They will help you reach that goal. Their testimony can build your business!