Progress and Updates

We know many of our Representatives use Internet Explorer (IE) to access We also know that you might have had trouble accessing the site using IE over the past few months – things like being kicked off the site unexpectedly when navigating between pages.

We’re continuing to work on a way to eliminate these issues for you. Our #1 recommendation is to use Google Chrome as your browser instead, to avoid this issue. But in the meantime, should you encounter issues while using Internet Explorer, try this:

  1. Check your bookmarks. If you’re using “” or any similar bookmarks, this might be contributing to your issues. Clear your bookmarks by following these steps.
  2. Once you’ve cleared your bookmarks, you’ll need to clear your browser’s memory (in tech speak, your “temporary Internet files” and “cookies”). To do that, click here for a step-by-step guide.
  3. Once you’ve cleared your cookies and temporary Internet files, close your browser completely.
  4. Then open a new window and enter in the address bar to get to the log-in page. (You’ll have to re-enter your account number and password, as clearing your cache will also clear any saved login information.)

If you need assistance at any time, you can contact the Customer Insight Center directly at 513-551-2866 (English) or 1-513-551-4000 (Spanish), or dial the number on your invoice.

We’re in the process of updating While most Representatives are able to submit orders without a problem, we are aware that some of you are experiencing slow performance and other issues.

Known issues:

  1. Slow performance.
  2. Error messages that stop you from logging in.
  3. Being kicked off.
  4. Timing out during placement of large orders.

What we are doing:

  1. We are working around the clock to eliminate the issues.
  2. We have suspended the $4 phone-in fees to place orders via a Customer Care specialist until further notice.

What you can do:

  1. Refresh your browser to dismiss any login error message.
  2. We’ve also noticed that issues with tend to happen more frequently when using Internet Explorer. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox whenever possible to place your order.
  3. Update your browser to ensure you’re using the most up-to-date version. Here’s how.
  4. Consider using FAST Talk to place your order at 513-551-2866.
  5. Ensure your order is complete by reviewing your invoice on Go to My Account and select Invoices on the left side.
  6. If you have an issue, email Customer Care through the Contact Us link found at the top of, or call us at 513-551-2866.